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PartyLite has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Our Consultants love having the freedom
and financial security of a career with PartyLite and being able to share our wonderful products with their loyal customers.
Here is what some of our highly motivated PartyLite Consultants have to say about how PartyLite has made a difference to their lives.





Regional Vice President

I love working for this exciting and unique company that offers wonderful innovative up to date products which consistently delight my customers! Our Profit Programme is amazing, whichever level you choose to aim for. The people in PartyLite, from our Consultants and Leader Team, to the Partylite Head Office staff, are all second to none. We all help and support each other which is so unique! I simply love PartyLite!


Unit Leader

I was a regular Party attendee and Hostess for years. I had never considered running my own business until a Consultant offered me the opportunity - why did I wait so long! The last three years have been a blast and a complete change to my career as an accountant. As an Independent PartyLite Consultant and Leader, I put on fun events for fabulous guests, promote amazing products, have the back up of a professional and well established company and I get paid to Party! I believe we have the best job in the world. I really enjoy introducing new customers to the fabulous products, catching up with regular guests, handing over freebies to all my Hostesses/Hosts, introducing new Consultants and helping them grow their own unique businesses. If this wasn't enough my husband and I have been on two amazing, completely free, 5 star holidays so far, all for doing a job I love!



What can I say...why didn't I become an Independent PartyLite Consultant sooner! PartyLite fits in with my busy life as a Civil Servant for the Army and being a single dad. I have always enjoyed roles where people are involved and my Parties are full of new and interesting people to meet. Couple with product I truly enjoy myself, the partnership is a winner! My advice is to be genuine, enjoy yourself and make it fun! Within just a few weeks I have already managed to sponsor a new PartyLite Consultant into the business all down to my enthusiasm! Give it a go, it could open up doors you never even imagined! Thanks PartyLite for the opportunity.















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